You are an Executive – Learning From Peter Drucker

You are an executive today; and in most cases a knowledge worker whether you manage a company, a family or yourself—your purpose is to bring to effect or execute a result in some way regardless of your situation. Such is the topic of Peter Drucker’s 1966 book the Effective Executive which is as much about self-management as organizational transformation.

As a knowledge worker you must constantly strive to not only be efficient, to do things right, but more importantly to be effective, to get the right things done.   Your deliverables are you results—your ability to clearly focus on the truly important, that is on contributions and results, regardless of the criteria of surrounding events.

According to Drucker, Effectiveness is a habit, a complex of practices that can always be learned by vigorous practice.  Peter Drucker’s five core habits of effectiveness offers an effective map that you can apply to any productivity system:

1. Effective executives know where their time goes, and they work systematically at managing how they use what time is under their control.  How well do you manage this scarce resource in your life today?

2. Effective executives focus on outward contribution. They gear their efforts to results rather than to work. How often do you ask yourself, “What results are expected of me?”

3. Effective executives build on strengths-their own strengths, the strengths of their superiors, colleagues and subordinates; and on the strengths in the situation, that is, on what they can do? How often do you leverage your strengths, the strengths of others around you and those of your current opportunities?

4. Effective executives concentrate on the few major areas where superior performance will produce outstanding results? How often do you apply an 80/20 analysis to all your life areas?

5. Effective executives make effective decisions.  How good are your decision making muscles?

How can you apply Peter Drucker’s MAP for effectiveness to your own personal management system?


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