What Is Your GTD IQ

Recently, I made the mistake of taking my first Getting Things Done sobriety test, aka Getting Things Done IQ which sounds harmless for all intents and purposes until you actually get back your results.

Be forewarned you may not enjoy your results. I was a bit aggravated when I first took it a few weeks ago. It is based on David Allen’s Model of Perspective and Control highlighted in his book Making It All Work .

    • Your “perspective” score was 1 and your “control” score was 1. This means you have scored in the “Responder / Victim” quadrant.
    • Your answers indicate that you are not at your optimal level of perspective or control.
    • In this quadrant you are in the storm, probably somewhere between a mild storm and a major hurricane. Right now it may seem challenging just to keep your boat afloat, not to mention to see where you’re going.
    • On the positive side, you are a Responder. It is the natural defensive game you must play when you are engaged in a “stretch” goal or a major change—even a positive one. The bigger the objectives you have set and the more risk you have taken to step into new and uncomfortable areas, the more likely you will need to focus on tactical responsiveness just to achieve short-term stability.
    • The downside is that on your worst days, you may feel like the Victim—driven by the latest and loudest inputs and issues, living moment to moment, often in crisis mode. As you perform triage on your daily work, small issues that are overlooked turn into crises over time.
    • GTD can help you get some control of the “stuff”—all the potential crises that you haven’t had the time to prevent. You’ll know what’s on your plate and be able to make basic decisions about your commitments. As you get a little breathing room, you’ll also get perspective on how to look at your catalog of commitments and make good decisions about what to do when. These efforts will relieve some of the pressure you’ve been feeling.
    • Remember, it is not about what quadrant you are in – it’s about knowing how to move from where you are to where you want to be. GTD can help.

Welcome to my psychological hell.  The whole think reminds me of the Rorschach test  I only have a single question for you today what is your GTD IQ? Try it and let me know?




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