Twitter and Mobile : Powerful Marketing

You do not get social if you do not get mobile! The real power of mobile can be found in this info-graphic posted at Business2Community stating the obvious 81% of 18-29 year-olds and 68% of  30-49 year-olds use smartphones .

Needless to say, Twitter’s 144 character limit makes it the ultimate poster child for this Web 2.0 axiom.   60% of all global users access Twitter from mobile devices and 80% percent of all UK Twitters users access Twitter from mobile.  36% of all Twitter users actively follow 6 to 20 or more brands through Twitter.  Translated — Twitter which takes your interests and turns them into meaningful engagements – in reality is monitoring your behaviors, conversations and interactions to cull a major Return On Investment for their advertisers and their stockholders.   Twitter users highly engage with ads with 1 to 3 % rate and a 11 to 15%  with a promoted trend, whereas standard display ads have an engagement factor of less than .07%. Essentially, Twitter likes to tell people that Twitter is the shortest distance between brands and what interests their audiences most. (All Facts straight from Twitter UK)

When engaging with Twitter via purchasing Twitter marketing and promotional properties or even just reaching out to your audience – three things you need to consider are: #right message, #right audience and #right time.

Key take always:

  • If you are not on twitter, you are not in the mobile marketing game!
  • Mobile is the future of all branding! If you are going on line you better pursue a solid cross platform mobile strategy which takes the end-user straight from window shopping to purchase all with one-click!

How often do you use Twitter to market your personal brand or product?

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