TrueTwit – Bad Design – Bad Idea

Trutwit the Antichrist of DM Spam

Trutwit the Antichrist of DM Spam

You have probably met Sandy, not her real name, but someone like her. She likes to get freaky on Twitter for all the world to see. She follows you; you follow back; mistaking a sweet smile with an air of decency. She wants to role play dungeon porn and make you Doctor Dark – but Jason where are we going with this X-rated entry?

Not where you think. I find weeding out the crazies’ part of the adventure of social media, but naughty bot porn aside – one click block solves all your problems. Or you could be stupid and follow every url shortener some Mr. Creepy sends you – then you are a complete idiot and should not read further.

We have returned to the age of the Scarlet Letter, there is a new witch burning team in town ala social media Puritans – they call themselves twitter’s anointed – the TrueTwits.

If I follow you and you TrueTwit me back — 9 times out of 10 it’s your loss.  I will not follow you back – you do not get social media and probably have nothing intelligent worth saying.

Why would you as a Twitter user iritate a potential follower? Why would you make me or anyone work to follow you? Believe me you are not that special!

No really, you are losing legitimate followers and you are part of the problem.  You are contributing to direct message spam.  Twitter Direct Messaging is for cool conversations not annoying people.

Lets take this a step further.  Most users access  Twitter via mobile device — in fact twitter was designed with mobile messaging in mind, originally, hence the 144 character limit.

However, the engineers brilliantly designed TrueTwit for a desktop browser in mind (heavy sarcasm intended); which means they never researched their target user base.

Riddle this for me, have you ever tried to enter a true twit CAPTCHA (an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”) through an iOS or Andrio Twitter app it makes you want scream bloody murder.

In other words, it’s a badly designed web application that contributes to DM spam and drives away legitimate followers. This form of mobile Purging is an impediment to the free follow of information and social sharing.


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