If you do not Engage with Social Media this Way! You Will Lose Money! A lot of it!

Apple's new iPhone 6

Apple’s new iPhone 6

A new way of doing social media engagement. Angela WaterCutter’s recent manifesto in Wired magazine about digital filmmaking (iPhone 6) is a must read for any person in academia, business and marketing – not just your aspiring indie filmmaker.

Warning anything Apple embraces wholeheartedly becomes the new trend just like the greying of Facebook.  You read it here first.

Let me spell this out for you. You should rethink your social media strategy – like now – today!  No really you must.  Digital video is the new word processor.

Look at Instagram, Flickr and Vine – they all use Video.

And where content is king, visuals are everything.  If you do not get video, you do not get social.

You do not need a doctorate in ethnographic film to see the trend.  You better have someone who gets NLE on your team! Non-Linear-Editing and quick!

The kitschy term YouTuber is big business and big money.

You will find its roots in citizen journalism and community television – their core competencies are paramount—they are now the backbone of a highly successful social media campaign.

You need a media lab, even if it is a media lab of one.

Do not bother hiring that young hipster with the Che Guevara t-shirt who smokes ecigarettes and wears a Fedora, and who obsesses diligently over his Latte foam.


You know the one who supposedly gets social because he knows how to post on Facebook and say nice things from a script to your disgruntled customers. You will find these a lot on big corporate sites. They take a day or two to respond to simple inquiries.


Get someone who knows how to shoot and edit video, use Photoshop, After Effects and code HTML.  Digital literacy is mandatory – something most corporations and academic institutions ignore.  Be Aggressive! Be smart! Get Engaged.


How do you feel about Digital Literacy?  How would you envision and utilize a media lab for your organization?



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