Robert Scoble Rule – Facebook Profiles Vs Pages

Facebook Profiles VS Pages

Jimmy Wales left, Kim Kardashian right

“We are warriors!” Kanye West, America’s least important person, said at his recent 20-minute wedding speech which turned into a tirade against the American media and a lecture about celebrity personal branding. Highlights included him – calling his new in-laws – the Kardashians “an industry” and his virginal newlywed bimbo Kim the “ideal celebrity… (and) the ideal art.”

For a little perspective, Kimmie and her clan first came to celebrity prominence after Kimmie pulled a Paris Hilton – her 2007 sex tape with then Bo Ray J went viral. So much for credibility and integrity.  Who says Porn doesn’t pay in personal branding.  Kim now sports a Facebook page with 21 million followers.

Anyone jealous? Anyone? Should you sport a Facebook page for your personal brand?

Certain self-pronounced experts and gurus today have encouraged people to create Facebook pages for their personal brand and to keep their Facebook profiles completely private.  One in particular advised my students on this very matter.

Generally speaking I field test every recommendation given to me—it’s the only way to make sure it works. Well I am not a “warrior” and I do not have a “sex tape” and hopefully neither do you.

What they say about the definition of insanity is doing the same thing more then once and expecting different results.   Needless to say, I banged my head against a wall enough times to realize that this wasn’t working so I shot my question to the Dalai Lama of the blogosphere Robert Scoble.  What follows is what I am christening the Scoble Rule

Never use pages for personal brand!” – Robert Scoble

Which makes sense – neither Robert Scoble, Sean Parker nor Jimmy Wales use Facebook pages – they all use Facebook Profiles and people follow them and their posts.  Frankly, all three have contributed more to the world than Kanye West and the Kardashians ever will.  If it’s good enough for Scoble it should be good enough for you!


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