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Getting Things Done (GTD) software and productivity programs in general suffer from the same problems as most time management paradigms today.  (My system of choice is GTD see here, here, here and here for why!)

In most situations, self-proclaimed Getting Things Done software packages are either too simple or too complex. Overly simplistic GTD software programs utilize an intentional Spartan design, forcing you to adept your workflow to their interface.

The more complicated Getting Things Done packages offer a plethora of options that get in the way of execution because they encourage fiddling and wasting time.  These GTD programs are designed by engineers for engineers but fail to take, you, the end user into consideration.

Many of these self-proclaimed Getting Things Done programs either work only on a particular operating system or are entirely web based.  I would argue that 80% of them fail to reach David Allen’s minimum requirement of being a ubiquitous capture tool.

Allow me to save you some frustration. Don’t bother testing out the plethora of Getting Things Done web apps on the market — with cutesy sounding names or high price tags or slick interfaces — most are garbage with few exceptions. I can count the exceptions on one hand.

I am going to break your heart. Only two PIMS for system integration have stood out for me as no-brainers, despite my fervent criticism of them – Microsoft Exchange and IBM Notes.

The only real cross platform PIM for OSX, Linux, and Windows is IBM Notes. No really, it’s the same on all three!

Despite the quirks and idiosyncrasies of Vanilla IBM Notes, I have come to love the platform for a single reason — Erick Mack’s eProductivity.  eProductivity stands the test of time!

eProductivity offers a complete life management system based on the universal principles of David Allen’s Getting Things Done – and yes you can adjust it to your particular needs.

It’s taken me months to trust eProductivity as reliable Getting Things Done software not because it’s not trustworthy but because so many approaches have failed me in the past, so I have had to keep rethinking my system – what to add to GTD.

Don’t! GTD works flawlessly!

GTD and eProductivity are my map and my compass allowing me to engage more freely in my life – without fear of my life or my system collapsing in on me – so much so that I no longer have to fiddle or think about how I am going to think, allowing me tobegin to act in a state of flow.

The eProductivity Weekly Review Coach hard-wires me to my goals – so I often know day to day what my key objectives are at each moment.

The eProductivity Daily dashboard gives me a printable compass that I can reconfigure to work out my day and to adjust at a moment’s notice via my digital lists on my mobile.

Overall, eProductivity is helping me get a handle on my life and is reliable Getting Things Done software. Eric’s team sponsored me with eProductivity to partake in an ongoing GTD Challenge which looks as if right now is really starting to get interesting!

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