Peter Marks: Finding Direction

Do you have difficulty in finding direction in your life?  If you do you may seek assistance from unqualified sources. Often people who call themselves life coaches or who publish personal development books only recycle rehashed ideas from other self-help books that have little or no relationship to the challenges you face on a day to day basis.

The key to finding assistance for your challenges is not to look for universal clichés and pseudo remedies for your challenges, but rather to find a real solution that is tailored to your specific needs and situation.

Peter Marks at Mar-aLago

People are finding their solution in the most unlikely of places. A resurgence in the metaphysical backed by empirical and scientific explanations for the first time is gaining ground in the leadership arena.  This new phenomenon blends traditional business management coaching with the unorthodox world of the ethereal.

“Using each individual’s spiritual guides, I attempt to bridge the gap between the psychic and the worldly” Psychic/ Astrologer Peter Marks explained from his Connecticut home, “to give my clients a unique understanding of their life situations to make better conscious choices in this great time of tumult.”

Renowned Psychic/ Astrologer Peter Marks blends many disciplines to synthesize a completely different approach to life transformation. Marks has spent nearly three decades helping people discover their spiritual path to wholeness, life destiny and assisting them to overcome their personal obstacles to achieve personal and financial success.

“Peter is blessed with such a beautiful gift that can’t be explained; it has to be experienced. He has guided me on more than one occasion in my life’s journey,” Celebrity Children’s book author Marla McKenna said, “He is authentic. He is genuine, and he is real. He offers the messages from our guides, and his delivery comes from a place of kindness, respect and caring. He brings comfort and peace to his clients.”

Many of Marks’ clients include numerous celebrities, Fortune 500 CEOs, medical professionals (doctors, surgeons, lawyers, engineers and everyday folks).  Unlike other people in his field, Marks specialty is unmatched at delivering proven measurable results in a short duration of advisement.

“Peter provides perspective advice and guidance. He has opened a line of perspective that I did not have before.  He has helped me on a personal and on a business level that is nothing but short of remarkable and life changing,” New York Serial Entrepreneur Stefan Rybak said,” I can only explain it myself that God gives us all different gifts.  I believe that some people are gifted on a psychic or paranormal level it’s very, very clear that Peter is not only gifted in this area but also highly intuitive!”

Marks’ specialties include relationships, child rearing from birth to adulthood, helping people avoid car accidents, avoid abusive relationships, assess personal gifts, skills and career choices- encouraging people to use their intuition, motivating them to them to start businesses and to, pursue their dreams.

“Many people are lost today, don’t know what to do and lack hope, based on my optimism and hope I do instill optimism in people to continue their lives and to make something of themselves helping them over limiting beliefs, internal and external challenges to better themselves,’ Peter said.



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