What people think of Jason Spencer

Having spent brief time as a student of Jason Spencers’ was certainly an eye-opening experience. Jason is raw, unfiltered–a straightforward professional, impactful, knowledgeable, and real. He is eager and passionate about teaching, emphasizing the importance of branding, social media, and getting the most from your education.

Jason Spencers’ teaching style is approachful, yet tireless. He reminds students of the great work they are capable of producing and in short, expects nothing less.

Having him as a teacher remains my most inspirational and motivational experience at the Art Institute. I strongly recommend Jason as a mentor, an educator, and a professional.

Jason’s brilliance is in envisioning goals and objectives, and than creatively moving towards implementation that would achieve those goals. Creative thinker, and definitely a Field Marshal personality. who never tires to push towards the finish line.

Jason Spencer is remarkably bright and thinks outside the box creatively. Though my experience with Jason was working on documentary project, I would highly recommend him as an assistant editor or editor on any project.


I have come to know Jason as a professional with incredible energy and enthusiasm reserves. Simply put, a Creative Powerhouse that runs on positive energy batteries.
Amazingly resourceful, original, innovative in his teaching techniques and methods, Jason delivers an unparalleled learning experience – one that provokes your thoughts in a highly intellectual, yet effortless manner.
His ability to see beyond the obvious and his natural passion for freshness in ideas and concepts will boost an interest in every thinking individual.

Jason is a cutting edge media production person with an infinite source of energy and creative ideas. I advised him on his Masters Thesis at the Gallatin School, NYU, at the recommendation of the late Prof. Emeritus George C.Stoney. I recommend him highly.

A year ago, Jason reached out to me and asked if he could interview me and perhaps write some guest blog posts. I normally do not accept guest blog posts but after talking with Jason and hearing his passion and style I decided to give it a try. Wow! Jason has a passion for productivity topics and way with words that makes reading his posts a pleasure. In the area of productivity Jason a well read and informed thinker with a mastery of thinking outside the box and then communicating those ideas in a fun and inspiring way.

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