News Readers: Thinking outside the Box to Shape Your Perspective

Feedly VS Digg

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Many of you are hardwired to support a certain political view or religious tradition as fact by being who you are and how you are raised! You may even call what I propose heretical. For a moment suspend your filters and your beliefs, humor me with a digression, and answer this question.

If given the same amount of time to think, would you rather have someone do the thinking for you like an automaton or be able to make your own educated decisions for yourself about world events?

Answering former rather than later means you are better off tiptoeing away into oblivion and never reading another one of my posts.

What I propose is simple – cut out the middle man in news collection and create your own news source piped in directly to your smart phone, tablet and desktop computer – advertising free – kiss Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms goodbye as your information filters.

We are not talking hyper complexity, we are talking Journalism 101.  Far from being dead, I believe the News Reader stands as our greatest tool for education, freethinking and empowering the electorate. Teaching people to think for themselves by reading a variety of sources is the greatest tool against non-thinking and mob rule.

Here’s your challenge if you dare to accept – sign-up for Digg Reader or Feedly and use them. They are both free and within 30 seconds you can have the world at your fingertips by simply searching for topics of interest from news sources across the globe.



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