Mobile Taboos – The Elephant in the Room

An Elephant in the Room

An Elephant in the Room

Somewhere, Houston, TX — It wasn’t exactly the flower ankle tattoo of the mini-skirted corpulent cow girl faded well beyond her prime – if ever she had one — that got my ire. I do understand cowboys prefer blondes in these monocultural times—thanks Seth Godin – and showing off plump obesity is often all the rage.  Yet I do demand decorum and decency in public attire – especially in medical waiting rooms.

Yet that really didn’t bother me; it was more the loud, incessant, bubble popping, bird chirping, Korean keyboard clicking ala faux nature sounds of her Samsung Galaxy brick that garnered everyone’s scorn. Had the Purge been legal today – I do believe one of the pistol totting granny sisters would have taken her out.

Moral of the story – people – just because you are a mobile crack junkie and can engage in public sexting, does not mean you should. Turn off your audible alerts and tones – when in public. It’s just common courtesy!!!


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