A Mid-Week Weekly Review — AKA Better Late then Never!

Do You Weekly Review?


When my head’s bursting with so many ideas – it’s great to take a step back and reflect from a higher perspective!

I am doing my weekly review at mid-week may sound odd but I missed Sunday!! And I am still getting the hang of it all!

I crack open my copy of eProductivity and let the weekly review coach fly!

How many of you have done a weekly review?

Why don’t you give it a try! Here are the steps David Allen recommends:

Collect Loose Papers and Materials

Gather all accumulated business cards, receipts, and miscellaneous paper-based materials into your in-tray.

 Get “IN” to zero

 Process completely all outstanding paper materials, journal and meeting notes, voicemails, dictation, and emails.

Empty Your Head

Put in writing and process any uncaptured new projects, action items, waiting-for’s, someday maybe’s, etc.

Review Action Lists

 Mark off completed actions. Review for reminders of further action steps to record.

Review Previous Calendar Data

Review past calendar in detail for remaining action items, reference data, etc., and transfer into the active system.

Review Upcoming Calendar

Review upcoming calendar events – long and short term. Capture actions triggered.

 Review Waiting-For List

Record appropriate actions for any needed follow-up. Check off received ones.

Review Project (and Larger Outcome) Lists

Evaluate status of projects, goals and outcomes, one by one, ensuring at least one current action item on each. Browse through project plans, support material & any other work-in-progress material to trigger new actions, completions, waiting- for’s, etc.

Review Any Relevant Checklists

Use as a trigger for any new actions.

Review Someday/Maybe List

Review for any projects which may now have become active, and transfer to “Projects.” Delete items no longer of interest. Be Creative & Courageous

Any new, wonderful, hare-brained, creative, thought-provoking, risk-taking ideas to add into your system???

Copyright 2008 David Allen Company

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