The American Media and Selective Ignorance

Depending upon your bias – the incidents surrounding Ferguson are either a great miscarriage of justice or a necessary evil! Most Americans, may be even yourself, have already applied their own filter to the events rallying behind one side or the other. Your media consumption habits are much to blame.

You are practicing what I call selective ignorance blinding yourself to any other possibility of the truth – there are grey areas in life not just black and white ones yet people rarely weigh in the facts before reacting.

The advent of the internet age and the 24-7 news cycle have brought about the transition from simply reporting the news to offering news analysis – opinion with filtered facts  People select their news sources based upon which commentator is more likely to tell them what they want to hear.

Commentators are not journalists and the line between commentator and journalist has become completely blurred. Here’s the problem — most Americans do not consciously distinguish between news and news analysis. Comedy shows like Bill Mayer, the Daily Show and, even talk shows like Rush Limbaugh, Rachel Maddow, Hannity and O’Reilly filter the facts. They offer short factoids designed to perpetuate whatever political agendas they wish to espouse.
Rather than educating and empowering people we are promoting a condition of non-thinking, mental laziness that is further dividing our country and sparking greater distrust and discontent among the masses.

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