Implementing Getting Things Done with IBM Notes

Normally, I do not go Bonzo over productivity applications with lack luster reputations—as noted previously Microsoft’s favorite punching bag Lotus/IBM Notes historically always makes people cringe. Yet the Einstein of Time Management David Allen of Getting Things Done fame uses IBM Notes with eProductivity and that’s exactly what I have attempted to do.

Recently I wrote a guest blog post on Erick Mack’s blog Notes On Productivity documenting my experience implementing Getting Things Done with a Lenovo W530, an iPhone 5 and and iPad 4:

Originally I started working with IBM Notes Smart Cloud edition which includes a free copy of IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition and huge cloud base document Management Suite for only $10.00 a month….
I tried to do everything on my own and that was a big mistake. You really need the assistance of an Information Technology Expert to help you. It takes a few days to get everything up and running this way but it is worth it. During the short time that I hosted my domain with IBM Notes Smart Cloud Edition everything appeared to work fine except for the single tool I needed which was access to my To Do list through IBM Traveler on my IPhone and IPad. …

You can read the full post of my herculean journey here. I felt like Sisyphus. Again,  I want to thank Eric for this amazing opportunity.

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