IBM Notes : A Cross Platform Solution

My recent rant brow-beating Julie Larsen-Green, the new queen bee of the Devices and Studios group at Microsoft sparked a long diatribe from one of the Art Institute of Houston’s Technology Gurus Michael Masy chastising me for not seeing the bigger picture. Michael pointed out to me that part of Microsoft’s restructuring plan is to focus more on services and hardware, specifically catering primarily to the consumer market and less to the needs of Enterprise which I still think is complete idiocy. In essence, Microsoft is trying to make a play like Apple.  Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia clearly supports this notion of its shift away from software towards hardware and services.

If Microsoft is abandoning Enterprise, I believe this clearly would leave a vacuum for companies like IBM to fill—and may be IBM’s long term battle cry of corporate, corporate, corporate may be finally paying off. If that’s the case then IBM Notes is at the right place and the right time to become once again the new defacto standard for global messaging that is of course if IBM can reshape it to fit the bill.

My recent guest post on Eric Mack’s Notes On Productivity highlights the strengthen of IBM Notes as a truly cross platform solution:

Despite all the challenges I faced setting up IBM Notes, I chose Notes as my primary life management application because IBM has tried to make Notes a truly ubiquitous cross platform PIM. IBM chose to pursue simplicity in Note’s mobile device support– like Google Apps for Business, IBM Notes Traveler (the IBM Notes push email and PIM solution for mobile devices)  embraces Microsoft Exchange Active Sync Protocol for maximum interoperability.

You can read the complete article here.

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