How Do You Best Use Your Time?

In the spirit of Peter Drucker’s first habit of effectiveness – do you know where your time goes?

How do you systematically use your time, the time you have available when and wherever you are – when you catch a free moment between appointments or while working for someone?

Do you stare feverishly into space, counting the cracks on the ceiling, or surf the internet on your smart phone for news about Miley Cyrus’s newest tattoo? Or the latest Kardashian craze? Care for a game of Angry Birds?

Or do you have context lists of options to be effective anywhere?


“I know very few people on the planet who care enough about their time,” David Allen writes in Ready for Anything, “and what they are doing every minute to maximize these kinds of windows (of opportunity)”


If you tell me how a person spends their time, how they value it; I believe, it is often a clear indication of their self-worth and/or their net worth.


The suggested Getting Things Done Context lists are a great place to start:








@Waiting For

But, you can get creative. David Allen Senior Coach Kelly Forrister keeps a @NoodleAbout list of things to think about and consider when the right moment catches her. David Allen Company Chief Technology Officer keeps a @Brain-Dead list for times when his mental functioning is not firing on all cylinders and he would like to still remain productive and engaged. Life Coach Jairek Robbins suggests keeping a dream list of things you want to do in your life, so when the right time and opportunity presents itself, you get to do something you always wanted to do


I keep context lists that can work almost anywhere as long as I have a connected device (iPhone or iPad) or a legal pad. These are some of my current contexts:

@Brainstorm/Plan – can work on any device or a piece of paper

@Calls – Can use my iphone or make a skype call

@emails batched together

@Internet- for basic R&D and internet surfing

@NoodleAbout-see above

@Read/Listen –I read ebooks and listen to audio books on iTunes

@To Write –I am comfortable writing by hand or on any connected device. I have a Bluetooth keyboard


What context lists have you found effective to keep in the moment?


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