Getting Things Done IBM Notes Setup Guide

The IBM Notes Getting Things Done Setup Guide offered me a cure to alleviate some of the pain associated with implementing GTD with vanilla Notes. Recently, I read David Allen’s White Paper on setting up IBM Notes, formerly Lotus Notes, with Getting  Things Done and decide to recalibrate my system. As a guest blogger on Eric Mack’s Notes on Productivity I have been documenting my experience implementing Getting Things Done with IBM Notes and you can follow my official journey here:

Today, as I continue my productivity journey, I decided to see if David’s white paper on using Notes would provide some relief to the challenges I encountered with vanilla Notes. I spent a day setting up my vanilla copy of IBM Lotus Notes using David Allen’s Getting Things Done white paper for IBM Notes. If you have never used a GTD White Paper before from the David Allen Company, you should know that their white papers give you a complete Getting Things Done Setup for that specific piece of software, turning confusion into clarity.

I read almost all the GTD white papers put out by the David Allen Company and highly recommend obtaining the one for your specific piece of software that you intend to use as your to do list manager, because their setup guides help you create a life management system out of the box.

You can read the rest of my article here on Eric Mack’s Notes On Productivity blog 

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