How do You Get Strategic?

How do you get strategic? The question led to an obsession that forced me to halt all planning and blogging for weeks at a time while I read 3 more books on time management and purchased a paper planner so I could figure out how to schedule daily time blocks of todos.

Questions raced through my head.  How do you create an elaborate air tight schedule of finessed time blocks to focus on results? And blend a little Covey with Tim Ferris and Tony Robbins?

Absurd when you think about it in retrospect, yet it led to my greatest epiphany to date. Productivity is a drug — and self-help aka the Business Life category on the Amazon best sellers list the diagnosis of an elaborate addiction.

Do yourself a favor — stop! Don’t buy any more time management books — or troll the internet for countless broken productivity systems. Read Getting Things Done again but this time get it!

Getting strategic often comes down to something as simple as getting organized. I will say that again for you,”Getting strategic often comes down to getting organized!”

How can you know your commitments if you have not defined them? How can you know what you want to do, when you want to do it and how you want to execute, if you have everything somewhere else-on your refrigerator, on a piece of paper crumpled up in your brief case or your bag, or in the back of your mind which manifests itself into  a constant nagging feeling of uneasiness.

The challenge of focusing your day, your week, your month, your quarter or your year — all comes down to the moment— the decisions you make — what will you do now based upon your active lists of possible Next Actions?

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