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As counter intuitive as it sounds, you must first get organized before you can get strategic.

Every time I empty my head into a trusted system, as David Allen recommends, I experience an unparalleled burst of creativity and a greater sense of control.

Apparently, creativity flows when you have the space to thinking freely. Freeing your mind from the Gerbil on a treadmill mindset opens new doors to greater artistic possibilities—the craft of lifestyle design.

Do not view lifestyle design as another self-help buzzword rather see true lifestyle design as the conscious decisions you make in the moment.

No matter how hard you plot your day with mind maps, time-chunking, time-boxing and new-fangled to-do lists, your pre-planning system breaks down in the moment, guaranteed when you realize you are not being candidly honest with yourself and you can never fully trust yourself when you have not done a complete inventory of your life commitments.

Getting organized in its purest form means having all your commitments captured in a trusted life management system, as David Allen prescribes.

The process of Getting Organized in this manner aka knowing all your commitments allows you to internalize your priorities. They become hardwired to your decision-making acumen.

Although it feels that way.  There’s nothing magical about a clear head and a relaxed sense of control!

It’s far more pragmatic and profound, because it empowers deeper thinking and analysis.

David Allen’s weekly review is the linchpin that ties strategic organization all together, once you complete it, you know your commitments.

Once you know your commitments, you can throw out your to do list and select your next actions based on your (1) Context (2) Your Time (3) Your Resources and (4) Your Priorities.

Here’s the rub. Just this technique alone will allow your priorities to pop out at you like a third eye. Now whether you choose to take the correct action or not – depends more on whether you are choosing to procrastinate then whether you have put a number next to your to dos in priority order.

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