Finding the Perfect Time Management System

A great  time management system is one you don’t have to think about when you use it, it is an extension of you.

Finding the right time management system took me several years of trial and error—reading books, testing devices and applications.

Today, I will begin to share with you what works for me.

Starting with the system – the method you use to think about and approach your work. Most time management paradigms are too incomplete or too complex.

The simple ones build off the A-B-C priority codes working in conjunction with some form of scheduling and interruption deflection.

The more complex ones adhere to a rigid structured schedule in some variation of 15 minute increments.  All attempt to work top down from your goals and ideal vision rather than tackling your present reality.

Getting_Things_DoneI prefer to work bottom up—deal what is in my face. The system that works best for me is David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD).  No bones about it.

I am not implying that GTD is the best for everyone, but I personally believe it is.

Similarly, I find that most criticisms of GTD fall in two main camps–the ignorant and the absurd.

The ignorant comes from people who never take the time to completely understand the system—they either never read the book or never properly implement it.

If you get it, I meanly really get GTD, it’s kind of hard not to use one variation of this time management system or another to do great work.

Now the absurd, there’s still conspiracy theorists that believe Getting Things Done is ensconced in a satanic new age cult-because its proponents are passionate about it. We are passionate about it, because it works and works well – it often has life changing results. It’s that simple!

One more caveat, Getting Things Done is not a system for life management but rather a systematic approach—by approach GTD is a fluid methodology that allows you to adapt and adjust to what is going on around you—whether you choose to schedule, work off a list or go by your gut – it hardwires you for excellence .

Don’t take my word for it. Read– Getting Things Done!

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