eProductivity As a Trusted System for Getting Things Done

Experiencing eProductivity for the first time was a watershed moment in my productive life.  In my first One on One coaching session, Eric Mack introduced me to eProductivity which blew my mind since eproductivity was designed by Erick Mack and David Allen together over a 10-year period to fully implement David’s vision of a productivity tool. Here’s the beginning of my journey publish on Notes on Productivity:

Eric Mack and David Allen have created an optimized software package and user interface for IBM Notes.

(As an aside, I believe that it  would behoove anyone working in software development to preview the demo and see what a completely optimized life management tool looks like.) Over a three day period, I implemented all 57 exercises to properly demo the software. In my next post, I will describe more about this experience.

One of my biggest takeaways from our conversation was the idea of a “Trusted System.” Eric Mack and David Allen do not merely use IBM Notes, they live in the software. They use IBM Notes for almost everything. When you invest in application software it’s highly important that you can rely on it. 

You can read  my  complete article on Eric Mack’s Notes On Productivity here.

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