Divergent Pathways of Death and Cowboy Economics

Source: http://visiblefriends.net/getreal/2013/10/great-now-my-iphone-is-trying-to-kill-me/

Source: http://visiblefriends.net/getreal/2013/10/great-now-my-iphone-is-trying-to-kill-me/

You may be a proponent of the Second Amendment – the right of individuals to keep and bear arms – and you might be a responsible gun owner!  You might also be a staunch opponent of the Second Amendment.

Whether you bear arms or not, each of you are potentially acting daily as a self-appointed judge, jury and executioner– making you no different from George Zimmerman or Darren Wilson if you believe them to be killers – because you are acting recklessly with someone else’s life.

You are potentially part of the statistics contributing to 330,000 injuries, 12,000 serious injuries and 2,600 deaths each year in America + 636,000 crashes. (And these are old statistics). And the best part is you do not care.

Your weapon of death – your car and your negligence your sense of self importance and arrogance – your cell phone.  You are not that important but if you are texting and talking while driving holding a cellphone one handed without a car mount or blue tooth you are the problem. And I hate you for it.

Living in a cowboy car culture like Houston with limited cellphone regulations for drivers scares me – about 3,329 Deaths in 2013 from auto accidents in Texas alone.  We are number one for auto deaths in America last year. At least 199 of those deaths were caused by cell phone use, I obtained this figure from 6% estimate mentioned in NSC.org figures.  In my first 4 months of driving in Houston, I was reared end from behind twice while parked at a red light from people who were verbally masturbating with their cell phones.  I was lucky to walk away.

I do not believe that Texas needs to turn into a nanny state. However, I do believe that we have better regulations on firearms then we do Cellphones in cars. Polite warnings on sign posts don’t work, people need stricter laws to force them to abide. If you break the law you pay for your idiocy. Empowering law enforcement to help save lives is what we should be doing and this should be done all over America.

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