Depressed or Uninspired? Tom Ziglar has Answers

Depressed or Uninspired?

Are you tired of living like the walking dead? Stuck in the same monotonous routine day in, day out?

How do you break out?

The CEO of Ziglar, Inc., Tom Ziglar has the solution.  Wake up and change your state!

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Learn to make a change in how you think. Focus on what has your attention.  You must live more consciously.

“What you feed your mind determines your appetite,” the CEO of Ziglar, Inc., Tom Ziglar, says. Tom Ziglar is the author of Born to Win; Find Your Success.

Just as eating influences your physical health, what you put in your mind can help shape your attitude and your how you feel.   You need to change your input, Ziglar recommends.

“Perhaps the most powerful habit we can create is the habit of determining what goes into our mind,” Tom Ziglar continues.  “What we read and listen to shapes our thinking.  Who we spend our time with influences our thinking as well.”

Good advice from a reputable source. Tom is a living legacy, the proud son of legendary author, salesman, and motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar. Like his father, a devout Christian and extraordinarily inspiring teacher, Tom teaches, lives, and practices timeless universal principles.  Ziglar, Inc., is all about living the legacy of integrity.

Making a real change doesn’t start with striving for more.

You must FOCUS on gratitude.  Tom recommends creating a list of what we are grateful for, and then reviewing and adding three new things to the list every day. You must focus your thoughts on what is good and right in your life. This allows us to see more of the good.

“The more we are grateful for what we have,” Tom, quoting his dad, Zig Ziglar, observes,
“the more we will have to be grateful for.” It is very true!

Tom Ziglar suggests people practice daily positive affirmations, saying, “Our brain does an amazing job of completing the pictures we tell it to complete.  When we start claiming the positive qualities that we all have as our strengths, our brain goes to work fulfilling this claim.  This three-minute-a-day practice can change your life.”


Tom Ziglar even has a free tool to help — the Ziglar self-talk card ( – a proven method to help you turn around your mental state.


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