Creating Motion

When you feel stuck, stuck in a dead-end job, stuck in a bad relationship or struck in any unhappy circumstances, you can liberate yourself by shifting your focus to resolve the challenge.

A terrific way to shift focus is to clean-up your life, whether it’s your physical space or your cluttered mind.   You will find the link between your physical space and your mental clutter to somehow be deeply connected. I don’t understand how or why, but I find this to be the case.


Creating Motion A Map of My Thought Process


Anyway, you can shift focus by reorganizing your space, jotting down notes, or structuring a visual map or brainstorm to represent the problem. You can place a visual representation of the challenge in words and text and begin to brainstorm or free flow out your ideas like the legs of an octopus.  You can do this form of mental organizing to free up the pressure in your mind, giving you a new found sense of control, removing anxieties and inspiring action.

Recently, I was struggling with a tough challenge and I sat down and created a mind map of action for resolving the issue.  Tony Buzan created Mind Mapping many years ago and I first learned about Mind Mapping from David Allen’s Getting Things Done Fast Seminar. David Allen is a huge advocate of using Mind Mapping for creative thinking in the moment.

By creating such a visual brainstorm on the fly (a Mind Map), I began to rethink and felt liberated to act. The very process of reviewing the problem from a visual perspective allowed me to outline the critical steps or Next Actions for resolving the issue which opened up more space for me to creatively think about how to approach it.

As I started acting on solving the challenge by doing, I became more creative in the process of acting, opening up more space for creative problem solving in the moment.  I discovered that Creativity flows where Your Mind goes—giving you a heightened sense of Focus. 

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