Complete Getting Things Done System in Microsoft Outlook 2013

Although Kurt DelBene,’s team at Microsoft successfully emasculated OWA 2013, a high level productivity coach and major Getting Things Done proponent anonymously suggested a work around to me –one that this person uses themselves for their own Life Management System (LMS).

Following their lead, I will briefly outline a suggested best practice allowing you to run your own Getting Things Done System with Microsoft Outlook 2013, an iPhone and an iPad, including the most affordable price point.

Using Office 365 Exchange 2013 will set you back $4.00 monthly for a custom domain and 25 GB of storage. You will want to use Microsoft Exchange to power your email, your calendar and your contacts. These PIM functions all sync out of the box with all your iOS devices and of course Microsoft Outlook 2013. Frankly, Office 365 Exchange hosting is the cheapest exchange hosting you will find around.

To power your GTD To-do List, aka Outlook Tasks, you will want to use Remember the  Milk which will work exceedingly well. You would want to subscribe to Remember the Milk’s Pro License which costs $25.00 a year. You will want to use their service called Milk Sync which allows you to directly sync your Microsoft Outlook Tasks with Remember the Milk’s Web Application and its huge suite of Mobile Apps. Remember the Milk’s Web Interface for to-dos is far superior to that of OWA 2013.

However, Remember the Milk’s Web Interface still requires a little finessing. To get the best results with its web application, you will want to use either Google Chrome or Firefox and a browser plugin called A Bit Better Remember the Milk for Chrome and/or Firefox.   The changes to the User Interface are highly significant and will greatly enhance your productivity.

Similarly, the Remember the Milk client for iOS on the iPad and the IPhone is probably one of the best to-do list applications around.  Working in this matter gives you the best cross platform consistency using exchange.

The key is not so much in the tool but in how you implement it and the methodology you follow. Probably one of the most thorough setup guides written for Getting Things Done is David Allen Company’s Setup Guide for Microsoft Outlook.  If you apply this to Outlook and to Remember the Milk, you will have a bullet proof system.

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