CompanionLink A Unique GTD Mobile Sync Solution


What follows is a brief interview with Rushang Shah, Director of Marketing for CompanionLink Software. I believe the interview is straightforward and helps to explain what makes CompanionLink such a unique Enterprise-level mobile solution for Getting Things Done. You can read my original discussion of it here.

Jason – What is CompanionLink and DejaCloud?

Rushang – CompanionLink is a productivity system that keeps IBM Lotus Notes synchronized with phones and tablets on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. We can do this in multiple ways (USB, WiFi, Cloud) and let each individual choose based on their needs for security and convenience.

DejaCloud is our secure cloud service for wireless and automatic sync between Lotus Notes and mobile devices. Our cloud automates the sync and works exceedingly well for multi-device and cross-platform setups (ie, Android phone and iPad tablet, etc.).

Jason – What distinguishes CompanionLink compared to the plethora of other iOS PIMs on the market today?

Rushang – Let’s use an example to make this clear. Assume someone wants their Android to support the Getting Things Done method. There are many apps for this.

Now, assume they also need their Android and iPad to work with their Lotus Notes database. There are only a few apps that do cross-platform integration.

Now, assume they are worried about data security and would like the option to choose whether or not to host their business data in the cloud. There is only one app that does this.

These are three separate demands: GTD on Android, Lotus Notes integration, and Data security. CompanionLink excels in meeting such nuanced demands; we handle all three in one product.

CompanionLink makes integration between PIMs and mobile platforms effortless. We have built-in support for many productivity philosophies, such as Getting Things Done, Franklin Covey, and others. Our 20-year history affords us a level of historical context, detail, productivity, and flexibility that few others can match.

Jason – How secure is DejaCloud sync compared to a corporate IBM Notes hosted domino account?

Rushang – We use AES-256 bit encryption for our DejaCloud service. Because or revenue is tied to paid subscriptions, we have no need to sell, market, or share your data like other cloud services who rely on a Freemium model. We make our money by securely synchronizing business data for professionals who are willing to pay for options, reliability, and meaningful support.

Besides the cloud, we also offer the choice of USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth sync. All three offer a level of security where your data is never sent or stored on any server.



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