Clutter Immobilizes You!

Jonas Ahrentorp's Clutter

Jonas Ahrentorp’s Clutter


It’s going to sound completely insane, I know but clutter immobilizes you!

I believe that there is a direct connection between your physical space and your mental space.

Physical clutter saps and drains your energy. There’s a hell of a lot attached to our physical objects! Your physical world is a direct manifestation of your psyche.

It’s not pseudo-science its common-science (common sense)! Hence, physical clutter mucks up your life, becoming mental clutter.

Simply go around and name it – write everything that has your attention – how it could or should be different!

I began doing it yesterday! – A complete mind-sweep of my physical space – the way David Allen describes it – you cannot imagine what it dislodged!

Naming your stuff, frees you from it,  As  you name it, the flood gates open to creative more introspective thinking – you begin to see yourself changing it as  you name it!

We are visual creatures after all!

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