Challenges Implementing Getting Things Done with IBM Notes

As a guest blogger on Eric Mack’s Notes on Productivity I have been documenting my challenges implementing Getting Things Done with IBM Notes.  At first, I attempted it without any coaching and the outcome was pretty hellascious.  I kept having to create list naming conventions that worked across both the desktop application and IBM’s official iOS To Do App and here is the just the tip of the iceberg:

Implementing Getting Things Done with vanilla Notes exposes you to a quirky set of idiosyncratic functionalities that can easily hamper and frustrate implementation, especially, I discovered, when integrating it with Apple’s iOS platform.   

As previously noted, the iOS implementation of to-do apps does not sort to-dos by category in the same manners as they do on the IBM Notes desktop, so there is no cross platform consistency in how you name and sort to-dos by category.  Dashes and periods on the desktop do not behave the same way across the two platforms. More frustratingly, I found that neither desktop nor the iOS implementations sort tasks alphabetically within categories. This drives me crazy because it’s much harder to locate a task if it’s not sorted alphabetically in a list, especially when your list is longer than 10 to-dos. Even more annoying, in IBM Notes web interface, is when you sort to-dos by category, it displays all the to-dos as one giant list with no way to open and close individual category lists—so you can never focus easily on specific to-do lists.


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