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eProductivity As a Trusted System for Getting Things Done


Experiencing eProductivity for the first time was a watershed moment in my productive life.  In my first One on One coaching session, Eric Mack introduced me to eProductivity which blew my mind since eproductivity was designed by Erick Mack and David Allen together over a 10-year period to fully implement David’s vision of a productivity […]

Challenges Implementing Getting Things Done with IBM Notes


As a guest blogger on Eric Mack’s Notes on Productivity I have been documenting my challenges implementing Getting Things Done with IBM Notes.  At first, I attempted it without any coaching and the outcome was pretty hellascious.  I kept having to create list naming conventions that worked across both the desktop application and IBM’s official […]

Microsoft WIndows 8 Julie Larson-Green’s Legacy of End-User Ignorance

Microsoft Windows 8 Master Mind

I am greatly honored that Eric Mac’s recent Notes On Productivity Blog featured my tirade against Microsoft Office Kurt DelBene’s shoddy task implementation in OWA 2013. Coming to terms with bad interface design or 80/20 rule gone awry in software design is something Microsoft needs to take into account. Despite negative user feedback, poor Windows […]