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Power of Speech and Prose

A person’s ability or inability to communicate their thoughts through writing is in my mind one of the most important differentiating factors between success and failure for a knowledge worker.  You have to be able to formulate a coherent argument that transcends the structure – being only a nitpicky grammarian does not make you an effective communicator […]

Robert Scoble Rule – Facebook Profiles Vs Pages

Facebook Profiles VS Pages

“We are warriors!” Kanye West, America’s least important person, said at his recent 20-minute wedding speech which turned into a tirade against the American media and a lecture about celebrity personal branding. Highlights included him – calling his new in-laws – the Kardashians “an industry” and his virginal newlywed bimbo Kim the “ideal celebrity… (and) […]

Seth Godin’s Paid, Phil Libin’s Freemium, Jimmy Whale’s Platform with A Purpose


Seth Godin is a masterful writer. His recent post Better then Free struck a nerve with me. In many ways, Seth is right! A lot of people give away tons of free content hoping to generate income later.  Often much of it is a regurgitation of other people’s work and philosophies. If someone really has something unique […]