Beliefs – The Success Cycle Defined

Whenever I get too comfortable no matter how my life is going, I get stuck in a rut of inaction.  I find myself right now stagnating – a cationic state of disarray and hopelessness, which for me further breeds disdain, frustration and anger. Being short tempered over silly things comes easily for me. Ever feel this way?

I am afraid of change, yet I have come to realize that nothing will ever be consistent except consistently different, for better or for worse. I don’t have any answers except that I have to keep pushing through.

I am also afraid of failure and of success—two great disempowering excuses to leave me sitting on the sidelines, watching life change tenfold hourly.  I almost died about three years ago, so sometimes I prefer the ordinary over the extraordinary.

One thing I am discovering sitting back and reflecting is that like you I have amassed a life time of excuses and self-lies (bad belief systems)  which cracked my lens of perceptions, leaving me paralyzed with debilitating false beliefs. The whole problem of fear of failure and fear of poverty is cyclical and self-fulfilling.

Napoleon Hill first really pointed this out with the idea that you can do it if you believe you can

Borrowing from Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success, the definitive tomb of modern day self-help literature, Anthony Robbins reintroduced the concept without citation as his Success Cycle:

It’s a great diagram for explaining what’s going on in my head these days.

What you put in you get out.  Your beliefs determine your potential which determines the amount and the kind of actions that you will take which then determines the results you will get. If you visualize yourself as a failure you become a failure because you believe that you have limited potential and, therefore, act accordingly or vice versa. This cycle shows you how your beliefs or your vision of your self can disempower or empower you as it’s a self-fulfilling prophetic spiral.

I am not sure how to jump start things. Much of the pressure is sitting in my head, leaving me feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Writing things down does help, as does making list by context. What I really need to do is adopt a complete system of both organization and streamlined empowered outcome focusing.  Any suggestions?




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