Are You Real? A Question of Social Media Branding Strategy



I am confused about the nature of social media branding strategy when people and entities become blurred.

I am starting to question the reality of some people on most social media platforms-whether they are bots or middle aged Creepers masking as blonde bombshells or just plain insane  lunatics!

The age of hyper mobile dating and engagement is upon us and one in the same – its all about engagement.

The unreality is becoming more and more today reality. People are falling in love with Avatars whether this Avatar is a person or a brand.  Whether the manipulators of the brand are Artful Dodgers or Mother Theresa s the intent is almost superfluous.

People are madly obsessed with the immediacy of consumption whether it is Tinder or the one click buy now Twitter buttons. The problem is the same – the loss of introspection and complete decline of moral discernment .

The Ultimate Meme of Social disconnect was coined by Rafael Rodriguez a former student and now Internet Evangelist.

When  asked by someone #AreYouReal?

And he responded with a photo and a yellow sticky note #IamReal

This may sound surreal but his current humorous snarkiness response underscores the state of the hyper-mobile detachment now prevalent across the digital world today ! His meme is  as poignant as Henry David Thoreau’s “Most people lead lives of quiet desperation ” There is true genius in pithiness!


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