Anxious Feelings of Overwhelm

The hack, hacking, hacking at life with a blunt force blade of preconceived notions and aspirations is mind numbing.  The rurring of television, roaring of social buzz, survivalist rushes of panic adrenaline,  are thrusting at being, a machete of mindlessness.

It spirals in your head, out of control. Each new commitment the ding of your email creates an acid rush that scrapes against your consciousness, causing more aches and knotted stomach anxieties

Most Times now I feel like I am drowning these days in financial uncertainties and worries, learned helplessness with a decrepit body out of shape from lethargy and poor diet.  Yes the alerts keep dinging. Emotionally blunted from having strived for nothing, stunted by aiming without looking, no follow through, just more regrets. Yet the alerts keep dinging.

The separation between stimulus and response, aka taking reactive measures verses taking responsibility, what I call surviving in life vs. thriving. Yet, I am good at surviving, but not very good at the later. It’s not all buzz and glamor; verbal platitudes of insincerity- learned mirroring to establish self-rapport. Do you really listen, when the world speaks?  Are you really listening to yourself?

Harsh reality over time desensitizes you to the Now and seers your consciousness about being, having and doing, issues between wants and needs, addictive more, must be reined in with core discipline.  You got to man up, no one in life wants to pay you for mind rot.

The real light in all this I realize is conscious awareness, living in Now, making decisions and carving out a framework for tracking your commitments and for engaging with yourself and the world around you that makes true self-empowerment and personal leadership a reality.  The question only is How?

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