Suspending Our Ego to Advance a Clear Perspective

By Desirae

Photo By Desirae

We are no better than the people we judge each day – criticize, critique and condemn for their failings — the darkest shadows of our thoughts, imaginings are mere whispering portents of what others are capable of under more dire circumstances.

Fear and ego fuel conformity to our prejudices and our presumptuousness that you and I are somehow better than others and more morally disposed to right action.

Self-righteousness breeds contempt in its more vile forms prejudice, racism, sexism and hatred. A student in my college recently had the word Fag etched into their car from some coward – a simple reminder that America still remains a country of intolerance.

My own perspective on Gay and Lesbian rights changed from conservative Catholic to outright support after Bill O’Reilly publically compared Gay Marriage to men marrying farm animals.  His ignorant remarks happened around the same time that a transgender Hispanic man was beaten so badly by a street gang that his face had to be wrapped completely in a caste.

People in a position of power like Bill O’Reilly must speak and act responsibility – it’s not merely a cliché – what people say and do in the media – Hate words even echoed merely in whimsy all feed and foster a environment of intolerance impacting other impressionable and less educated people.

Whether you hide behind the Torah, the Bible or the Koran for your moral code of ethics to justify your sense of self-importance – your words and your actions leave a lasting impression on others around you.

Every horrid act and crime against humanity started with the single supposition that a self-righteous abuser was justified to inflict suffering on the victim for some greater good. Extreme as it may sound – it’s a clear reminder for us that we must all act with integrity in our private and public affairs as they all bleed together in this digital age – creating a permanent record of accountability.


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