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Robert Scoble Rule – Facebook Profiles Vs Pages

Facebook Profiles VS Pages

“We are warriors!” Kanye West, America’s least important person, said at his recent 20-minute wedding speech which turned into a tirade against the American media and a lecture about celebrity personal branding. Highlights included him – calling his new in-laws – the Kardashians “an industry” and his virginal newlywed bimbo Kim the “ideal celebrity… (and) […]

CompanionLink A Unique GTD Mobile Sync Solution


What follows is a brief interview with Rushang Shah, Director of Marketing for CompanionLink Software. I believe the interview is straightforward and helps to explain what makes CompanionLink such a unique Enterprise-level mobile solution for Getting Things Done. You can read my original discussion of it here. Jason – What is CompanionLink and DejaCloud? Rushang […]

The Perfect Getting Things Done Mobile Sync


You realize that finding a professional mobile PIM solution for Getting Things Done with the perfect sync usually requires splicing together a hodgepodge of different web services and third party applications that never play well together. Neither iOS nor Android, the only two real players, offer a complete business class PIM and sync solution – […]